What others say about us - Testimonials

"I have had the pleasure of working with G-map in my role as Assistant Chief Officer for the National Probation Service...I have been particularly impressed by the knowledge, understanding and professionalism of G-map staff. As the chair of the MAPPA Level 3 meetings, I found G-map's contributions to be insightful and helpful, striking a perfect balance between genuine care for the service user and understanding of the risks presented and the need for these to be managed." Nisha Bakshi, Assistant Chief Officer, National Probation Service

"This particular young person struggled to engage in a meaningful way with all of the professionals he worked with. The team at G-map helped him recognise and overcome his avoidance and used this as one of the central planks of the therapeutic relationship...I feel the workers mirrored a secure attachment relationship which gave the young person a sense of safety he had not previously experienced." Andrew Dalton, CAMHS Outreach Social Worker, Children and Young People in Care

"In my view G-map's grasp of the Good Lives Model (GLM) is profound and they have worked with the model from the inside out, making sensible practice adjustments but preserving its core ideas and ethical heart. In the G-map staff hands the GLM has been transformed into a flexible and clinically sophisticated practice framework capable of integrating cutting edge and effective techniques within a strength based framwework...this book is likely to prove to be a landmark publication in the field of sexual offending and is sure to attract clinicians and researchers alike." (Ref: Print, B (Ed.), (2013). The Good Lives model for adolescents who sexually harm. Brandon VT: Safer Society Press). Professor Tony Ward, Victoria University of Wellington

One young person said: "I've done things in the past that I couldn't talk about...because it hurt too much...when I saw how my behaviour fitted with the Good Lives Model I felt relieved that it was understandable...and it was easier to talk about it to others who understood." Qualitative study, G-map practitioners and service users (2012)

"G-map have done a wonderful job in helping keep our family together. Without their intervention we may have lost our son altogether. They have helped us to understand his behaviour and how to manage it. They do a great job of including the parents in the work that they do with the young people." Adoptive parent. (2016)