Specialist Advice

We can provide Specialist Advice at an organisational, team, or individual level, depending on your needs. You will have ready access to our resources, knowledge and skills. We can undertake specific projects, either independently or working together with you.

Advice can be provided via a single event or a planned series of sessions and is available for individual cases or to assist in the development of specific areas of work.

Our fees for Specialist Advice are 130 per hour plus a single charge of 130 for reading documentation and report writing. Travel time in excess of two hours for agencies outside a 30 mile radius of Sale, Manchester will be charged at 47.50 per hour and travel expenses at 50p per mile. Agencies who require meetings or visits to be held further afield will be charged a day rate of 850 per day plus travel and, if necessary, overnight accommodation. All charges are subject to the addition of VAT at the standard rate.

A specialist advice service by telephone or conference call can be arranged if required.