Therapeutic programmes for children under 12 years

Current research demonstrates positive outcomes for children displaying sexually inappropriate behaviour when they receive suitable assessment and interventions. G-map's assessment of young children includes gathering background information and psychosocial history from parents, caregivers and professionals in order to gain an understanding of the context to the sexual behaviour problem. Family environment and social ecology are possibly more influential than a child's psychological make-up, consequently a thorough assessment should also focus on current and future contextual factors both inside and outside the home. Using specially designed assessment tools additional information will be obtained  from interviews with the child, sensitively tailored to their developmental stage, and where relevant their trauma history.

The assessment provides a case formulation for the child's sexually inappropriate behaviour from which we make recommendations regarding safety, placement issues and treatment needs and advise on intervention priorities. Intervention focuses on primary concerns and integrates other treatment needs, so that the child is not referred to other services unless specific additional treatments are needed. A range of methods are tailored to each child's problem formulation and treatment needs.

Research on children with sexual behaviour problems highlights the necessity of working with the child and their environment. Therefore parallel work with carers, school and the wider network will be incorporated in the work undertaken. G-map's considerable experience in working closely with a range of carers and professional networks enables us to support others caring for the child to maintain supervision plans and create a safe environment. If the sexual behaviour problem is occurring at school or other settings, G-map practitioners will meet with the relevant professionals and provide clear, practical suggestions for supervising and managing the behaviour.

Individualised work packages can include:

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